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09 March 2008 @ 12:20 am
Hello, and welcome to the Affiliates section! Please feel free to become my affiliate. The more, the merrier!

The only requirement to become an affiliate is that you must have a writing journal/community or a grpahics journal/community. Feel free to comment! :3

Please use the form when commenting. It'll be helpful!

Happy commenting! :3

the affiliates~!
madwanderer: A writing journal by the great ilcocoabean! Visit her works if you're into stuff like like crack, romance, angst from many fandoms! :3
cookingwithpain: A graphics journal hosted by the friendly expletives! Visit her if you're fond of yuri shippings from many fandoms! :3
glad_fics: A writing community run by my buddy gladdecease! If you're into Naruto and Avatar shippings, be sure to visit and leave a review for her! :3
3m10_write: The writing comm of my Tracey-obsessed friend, medea10! Visit if you'd like to settle down & laugh! She likes to write about the Pokemon fandom. :D
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