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Writing For You!

[drabbles, fanfiction, poetry]

Writing For You [fanfiction, poetry, drabbles]
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Writing For You!

Hello, and welcome to Writing For You! This little community will be used only for all of my writing works such as drabbles, fanfiction, and poetry. Why did I make this place? Well, it's for a number of reasons. First, other sites don't work well with me or I end up forgetting about them. Since LiveJournal is my most active site, I will be using this community. Second, I just love the awesomeness of LiveJournal. And third, the forums I attend often lag and I get plenty of closet readers there. Not fun since I love comments/reviews about what I write. Now why is this a community? Well, I wanted the name Writing For You!, and tried to make an oridinary journal to find out that the name was taken. So yeah, that's how this place was born. There's a ton of stuff I have written, so prepare yourself. Oh yeah, there's no need to ask; just join/watch! Just comment! The more, the merrier! :3
In case you're wondering, my specialty is Romance. If you can't handle mushy love scenes, then run! I also do very well in Comedy, Original, and Adventure, too. They're always fun to write. Sometimes, I may have a Historical piece of writing or Poetry with World Issues [if you're into that].
the rules
Yes, I always have rules; I suck. xD But anyways...
o1. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Please, if you joined here just to steal the stuff I write, I will be flattered but very disturbed. I'll have no choice but to hunt you down. Don't make me do it.
o2. Comments/reviews are always appreciated! I love getting a comment/review on what I write; it inspires me to wrote more for you guys! So please, leave what you think of what I write and I'll give you cookies. :D
o3. Do NOT join/watch if you're going to bash my writing, choice of fandom/shippings, or myself. It's lame and is completely unnecessary. You'll be thrown out in an instant.
o4. Pimping is allowed! As long as you don't steal my work, I'm completely fine if you want to advertise. Everybody wins!
o5. Please do not comment constantly asking me to update with "OMGZ UPDATE NAO!". It gets really annoying, and hopefully I shouldn't get that. I don't like to be pressured, I take my sweet time. *wink*
o6. Requests will come every now and then. I will make a post someday telling when it's okay to request with a mini form, so be on the lookout!
o7. Enjoy my [crazy] writing! :3
the fandoms
I am most likely to be writing in this fandom. It's my favorite one to abuse, so you're going to see a lot coming from this fun anime. It's the easiest fandom for me to write about since I know the charcaters like the back of my hand. The shippings here are absolute love.
After Pokemon will come this catagory where I write about my original characters. Okay, shoot me. I love writing about something fresh and new that hasn't touched the minds of others. I have plenty of ideas and several to finish from this catagory.
Romeo X Juliet
Oh dear god, I must write about this fandom! The characters are made of innocence and love. I'll be sure to write someday!
One Piece
This fandom screams crack. I will so be writing in this fandom sometime. I must get ideas!
Basically everything else will go under here. I'm likely to write about other shows I have liked in the past, but these will be very rare.
the shippings
Ash x Misty // Pokeshipping // ANML
Drew x May // Contestshipping // DAML
Other shippings will come once I write about them.
Other shippings will come as well, but FS is the top. *wink*
Romeo X Juliet
Romeo x Juliet
Cordelia x Benvolio
One Piece
Luffy x Nami


I sadly do not own Pokemon, Romeo X Juliet, One Piece, or any of the other fandoms so the credit of their wonderful existence goes to the creators. Remember, the characters Ash, Misty, Romeo, Juliet, Luffy, Nami do NOT belong to me. I don't want to hear, "You stole them!!!" I just like writing about them. The only thing I do own are my original characters.

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